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Our life is now complete, we are now a family, thanks to everyone at this Clinic.

From the moment we met the members of the team in the UK, to our visits in Spain, we felt the Clinic members wanted us to succeed in having a baby as much as we did. They were with us all the way.

These professionals became our friends, guiding us, keeping us abreast of the next step, monitoring us, being at the other end of the phone and more importantly thinking of us as people and not as a paying customer that had the next number.

After so many bad experiences for years, at one of the top clinics in London this Clinic showed us what you need to do to succeed.

We would never be able to thank the team enough for what they have given us, they don't just say this but words cannot express our true feelings. The joy of parenthood.

Our life has been turned upside down and everyday is a day of disbelief that we have reached this far in the stage of our journey, we will always have this connection to Spain.

We have a baby girl, "our daughter".

Fecha de publicación: 07 December 2013
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Cuando alguien decide junto con su pareja, ser padres, formar una familia, no se suelen plantear o anticipar a que vayan a haber problemas de fertilidad.

Cuando los meses pasan y los meses se vuelven años, la angustia y desesperacion ya se ha adueñado de la pareja.

Ante esto y porque hablo en primera persona...que no cunda el panico.... No hay que desmoralizarse, ni hace falta acudir a clinicas de renombre ni lejos del campo de gibraltar...porque en Clinica Medrano he descubierto todo lo que a muchos especialistas que he visitado les faltaba...empatia..sentimiento... amabilidad... dulzura..optimismo...tiempo...paciencia...dedicacion...

En nuestro caso, infertilidad de origen masculino. Confiamos en su tratamiento de FIV- ICSI. Y en nuetro primer tratamiento y con transferencia de dos embriones, embarazo a termino de una preciosa niña.

El seguimiento del tratamiento de fertilizacion y del consiguiente embarazo fue tan humano, tan cálido y tan personalizado, que no dudamos en ponernos de nuevo en sus manos para buscar una segunda oportunidad de ser padre.

En el segundo tratamiento se empleo la misma tecnica, pero solo se transfirio un embrion para evitar un posible embarazo multiple. El resultado fue negativo y al siguiente ciclo menstrual se realiza transferencia de dos embriones crioconservados, es decir, congelados. Resultado postivo y embarazo a termino de un precioso niño.

Y no solo son los mejores en cuanto a calidad humana, son los mejores profesionales en su campo. Dominan las tecnicas y tratamientos que hacen posible

Fecha de publicación: 18 November 2013
Publicado por: Airam

Tammy & Craig Sutcliffe

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"Dare to dream" .......It's as much about the journey the experience as the outcome. We have a beautiful baby girl, we still pinch ourselves everyday as we look at how beautiful she is and how lucky we are to have her.

We have met some very special people on our journey who have become lifelong friends, our extended Spanish family who made us feel very special, and made the whole experience very simple.

Clinica Medrano the place were dreams are created a fantastic experience , all the staff are extremely professional caring your treated as a couple not just a number which matters, they can't do enough for you. Always encouraged always believed when we felt dispondant and always available to speak to when we just needed those words of encouragement to carry on.

I can't speak highly enough of the clinic and the team who will always be in our lives and our hearts a very special place with very special people....

A very personal and positive experience thank you for everything X

Fecha de publicación: 26 October 2013
Publicado por: Tammy & Craig Sutcliffe

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